How to know if your job is the ‘Right-fit’ for YOU?

It was Monday morning and Aman was again late for the office. He didn’t feel like coming to the office today despite being well-aware of the important meeting lined-up and pending tasks on his table. This was not unusual. He had such a feeling many-a-times every month. Although Aman was a sincere and hard-working employee, he wasn’t able to understand why he feels this way several times.

Just like Aman we all want to do our best at our work. We devote approximately 40% of our total time to our work that includes time at work, travelling to work or for work, meetings and other tasks. With more than one-third of our time devoted to work it becomes extremely important to understand if the job we are at is a good match to our capabilities and is right for our long-term career growth. Getting caught in a wrong job can have far-reaching adverse effects as it is not only detrimental to your career growth and success but also takes a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

However, it’s not always easy to gauge if you’ve landed into the right job, especially when you are young or lesser experienced. In this post I will share with you some key indicators to help you check if you are in the right job so that you move in the right direction to achieve significant career growth and success.

8 signs that clearly indicate if your current job is the Right- fit for YOU

1. You love what you do.

You are so immersed in your work, at least most of the times, that you lose track of the time. Does it happen quite often that you colleagues ask if you are joining them for lunch and you glare at the watch with a sigh “Oh! It’s 2 o’clock, I didn’t even realize.” Or, in the evenings you suddenly become aware that most of your colleagues are leaving for the day or have already left.

2. You respect your manager & and vice-versa

You find your boss to be competent, intelligent and respectful who gives due attention to you. He praises you when you accomplish something and also guides or pulls you up whenever required. If you agree to both statements then this is the best place for you.

3. Your values align with the company’s vision & culture

Do you feel proud of the company’s achievements and associate yourself as a contributor to them? Do you agree to management’s policies and work ethics and feel at home when you are in office? If that’s the case, rest assured you are in the right place.

4. You like and trust your colleagues (at least most of them)

Do you want to spend more and more time with your colleagues as they like you and you like them? Can you discuss your victories and setbacks, your feelings and emotions with them openly? Do you enjoy being a part of office outings, get- togethers and even plan personal meet-up with them once in a while. Those are the signs that you and your colleagues are close and friendly to each other and support each other professionally.

5. You are continuously learning

You are at a place where you can boast of learning newer things regularly. Maybe your company invests on employees training and development or it provides a conducive environment to mutual learning. On the other hand, it may also be that you are surrounded by several smart and ambitious colleagues who are engaged in self-learning. Whichever the case maybe, but if you can see your resume growing with inclusion of certifications or skill set, you can be assured it’s a good place for you.

6. You earn a handsome salary

No matter how good your job may be, but if it’s not paying you well it’s not right for you. If you are in the right job, you should be getting a competitive if not a handsome package. It should give you a feeling that you are being compensated fairly for your contribution to the company. And yes, the structure of compensation may vary for some roles i.e. a sales role may have more of incentive-based structure, but what should actually matter to you is your annual average take home.

7. You get to spend quality time with your family

Even the best of the dream jobs can become a curse if it doesn’t allow you enough quality time for yourself and your loved ones. A job can only be a right fit for you if it achieves both – allow you to grow and succeed professionally and provide sufficient time for your family, friends and interests.

8. You contribute and add value regularly

When you are truly contributing to your work and your organization, you are accepted and respected. In the process, you are bound to grow and set out on the path to success and the sense of achievement snowballs with time. Experiencing this feeling of achievement is the best part of any career which motivates you to keep going and prompts you to say with conviction – “I love my job”.

If you have witnessed all or most of the above signs, then you can reassure yourself of being in the right place and should focus on achieving greater heights.

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