Ideal-Career Blueprint @ Rs. 4999/-

Your objective in any job should not only be to get into the job but to grow in it continuously. This course is designed to teach you pull-strategies through an inside-out approach so as to help you climb the ladder of success in your career. It elaborates on all the key elements that are essential for your success.

Dream Job Blueprint @ Rs. 4999/-

This course shares with you all known and unknown aspects of making job applications in a well-organized and systematic way so as to ensure desired outcome. A highly action-packed course that teaches you powerful strategies that you can adopt to identify and get into your dream job within 30 days.

Right Fit Blueprint @ Rs. 4999/-

The course is designed to take care of the most basic yet extremely important aspect of career growth. It guides you to identify the most suitable job for you and also helps you firm-up the ideal career path that aligns to your strengths.

EI Blueprint @ Rs. 4999/-

Emotional intelligence in considered to be the basis of career growth and success. Although a relatively new concept, it is gaining ground with many companies initiating EI based assessments to identify people suitable for high growth and career progression. Become one among the top 5% to be selected with this course.

4Cs Blueprint @ Rs. 4999/-

The second dimension of measure to leadership positions are 21st century skills and the most important ones among them, as mentioned by World Economic Forum are the 4Cs-Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. This course teaches you how to identify and develop these as your core skills.

Star Performers Hub @ Rs. 9999/-

A community of Star performers from across the globe which gives you an opportunity to be connected with the best in their fields and learn from them anytime. Besides, we also conduct weekly meetings aimed at continuous learning in relevant areas for the benefit of all. The biggest attraction of SPH is an exclusive video interview of each one who achieves a new milestone in his/her career.

Personality Assessment- Rs.2999/-

For anyone who is unable to identify or recognize his/her personality type, talents, competencies, interests etc., this FREE online personality assessment will help you know yourself inside out and set your career goals accordingly.

1-on-1 Consulting – Rs. 7,999/-

A wonderful opportunity for you to share and discuss all your career concerns in two half-an-hour sessions with Jai Kataria and get specific answers that shall help address all your queries and guide you on your journey to a ‘future-proof’ career.

Winning Resume Model – Rs. 3,999/-

A step-by-step guide on how to develop a resume that will automatically stand out in the crowd to get you more resume downloads by HR managers/TAMs and get a considerable increase in the number of interview calls you receive.

‘Interview-to-Offer’ Model – Rs. 9,999/-

An intensive course that apprises you on various question types that candidates face in interviews, share the underlying intent of the interviewer, what they expect from you as an answer and shall train you on response strategies that are highly successful.

Future-proof Career Model – Rs. 9,999/-

Life is full of ups and downs but generally people have the capability to bounce back unless they are monetarily weak. The most difficult times are the ones like the ongoing when you lose your job and don’t find a new one quickly. This course shall train you to transition your career into a future-proof one when no eventuality can bother you.

EQ Assessment – Rs, 2,999/-

With more and more companies transitioning to assessing a candidate’s emotional quotient before hiring them, it will be a good idea to assess your EQ too with the help of this international quality EQ assessment.

Hall of Fame-

A platform to celebrate you completion of the course and recognize your career accomplishments. We conduct live interview with you within the community and also invite you to be a guest at our podcast-‘Journey of Career Growth’ with Jai Kataria, where you are recognized as a role model for others.

Entrepreneurship Blueprint – Rs, 9,999/-

This is an exclusive course for those who want to liberate themselves from the corporate life and are determined to launch on their journey of entrepreneurship. This course provides them with detailed know-how and multiple options of starting their own enterprise in areas of high-growth potential.

The Diamond Club – Rs. 19,999/-

A highly evolved community comprising of eminent business leaders, CXOs and HR Heads of global multinationals with whom you will be connected directly and will be able to share each of your career aims, accomplishments, learning etc. The key benefit is that this platform serves as an automated application system for you to all the leaders looking out for talented employees for relevant roles.